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The energy of my work is centered around support for our journey of self-discovery in life. I create my designs with spiritual guidance by using intuition, meditation, kinesiology, the vibration energy of the stones and colors, and Native American teachings about animal totems. Each piece includes a sacred intention. This intention is offered to enhance the inner spirit on its journey and may also influence the spirit of others in your life as they receive the message by seeing you wearing or using your chosen piece. This vibration effect on others works like the waves in a lake when you drop in a pebble.

In addition to the jewelry design work, I provide personal life path readings. This encompasses a psychic reading during which I contact your Higher Self and/or you guardian angels and  other guides to request guidance for you. I am given various combinations of visions, stones and other materials, and often an automatic writing message. I interpret what I am given, design a personal talisman and provide a letter that explains the symbolism included in any visions, traditional lore of the materials included, information about animal totems revealed, and an exact copy of any automatic writings received during the reading. For more detailed information, please read my Life Path Readings brochure.

Peace to you on your life journey,

Rae McAlpin



Sacred Energies
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